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Remote Working Post Pandemic

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Our team has been working remotely for almost a year now. During this time, we’ve worked with each other and serviced our global client base using our product, Clinked - a white label client portal solution. This year has given us the opportunity to share knowledge to our clients 1-1 and in webinars on different strategies to work remotely with their clients. With that we’re here to offer a full review of working remotely with clients, partners and teams to prepare for remote working (dare we say) post pandemic.

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The Fintech Times recently published an article titled Two-Thirds of Brits Hope for Hybrid Working Post COVID-19 (1). Here in the UK, the vaccine programme is well underway and the government hopes to be able to offer jabs (shots for those in the US) to the majority of the people by the autumn - fingers crossed! However, this article gave an indication that - at least in the financial services sector which makes up 10% of all jobs in the UK - people are hoping to have a hybrid-working balance post pandemic. For those who agree, it means you’ll need to be looking for a blend of home, office and remote working (hello future travel destinations!). 


Let’s explore how this can be accomplished through a series of key questions for business.

What is remote work? 

The coronavirus has brought the idea of “work from home” back into the fray of management conversations for many organisations planning their approach. The increase of cloud-based SaaS technology adoption throughout many organisations is now allowing a portion of workers this option to work remote easily when paired with a solid internet connection. Increasingly, organisations have found these technologies help teams work fluidly while delivering consistently to clients.

We used to call teams working remotely “virtual” teams. Whatever we call it now, it’s good to state what is a remote team. These are groups of people, typically ones who are part of a workforce, who work together from different physical locations. These teams are often geographically dispersed, meaning that they rely on the use of technology in order to stay connected. 

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Regardless of where your team works today, you will likely have limitations on physically meeting your clients. Those road warriors known for travel to onsite client meetings have been getting a respite from travel, but clients still need to be met with. This is where digital tools can help and that’s what we’re here to talk about today. 

Why is remote work with clients different?

Most businesses rely on email or phone calls to work with clients. This is regardless of travel restrictions - it’s just become the norm that all communication with clients is done via email or phone calls. 

However, the confusion of email chains or missed calls at the main office line leave many clients chasing for answers, when they really need a single point for interactions with your remote team. As a company, your team needs to ensure clients receive speedy, efficient and effective service. There are various tools your team may be using to do client work, however those systems are not set up to open up to clients. 

Providing clients a single point of contact to communicate with your team and business is paramount now. Particularly as it’s been reported that 96% of people think the businesses they deal with could improve communication and project management with clients!

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How can Clinked help? 

Clinked is a white-label client portal for business. We focus on the intersections of clients & your business – where client knowledge lives. Our client portal is used by 3,000+ businesses in 22 countries to deliver a seamless branded experience with bank-grade security for worry-free collaboration on highly sensitive client data.

Our Clinked clients report that the level of service provided to their clients while working remotely these past months has played a significant role in retention and client satisfaction of their personal online approach. 

With Clinked, our clients report the tools of chat, discussions, comments, announcements and reach outs provide flexibility to leverage the channel best suited to their specific client and team while keeping all interactions in one platform.

Whether your clients are individuals or other businesses, providing an easy-to-access digital tool for clients adapted to their needs and specific situation will strengthen your brand in the mind of your client and generate more revenue from retention as a ripple effect. And if you don’t have a big IT department, there are ways to deliver out-of-the-box solutions, such as Clinked, to quickly go digital and delight your clients in days - not months.

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Is Clinked just for external client work? 

Short answer - no. 

A client portal solution is designed with the end goal of making work between all members, external or internal, easier and more engaging. As such, they can be adapted to suit the needs of individual teams. Clinked as an example has been designed to allow for groups to be set up for different purposes with different team members and permissions assigned for only the correct people to have access. This creates a single location for both clients and teams to deliver virtual teamwork and client collaboration in a streamlined platform. 

Clinked offers a large variety of useful features for all its users whilst remaining highly secure. Hence, a client portal is often the necessary solution to enhance your remote working experience; it can complement existing software to help deliver client needs and add to creating a successful, agile remote working team. 

Learn more by exploring 5 features of a client portal that can help with remote working for internal teams to work together & with their clients.

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Not sure this would work from your clients & team? Our teammate Hannah explains how she wasn’t completely sure when she first joined Clinked in March 2020. Read about her feelings after first 6 months on the job working 100% remotely using Clinked. 

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When you’re ready to discuss how to best work with your clients and team in the post pandemic world (or during it), give our Clinked team a call to discuss how we can help your business. We’re just one click away: 

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  1. https://thefintechtimes.com/two-thirds-of-brits-hope-for-hybrid-working-post-covid-19/

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