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5 Features Of Client Portal Software That Can Improve Virtual Teamwork

Working within a team can help individual employees to complete tasks faster and more efficiently. Traditionally, teamwork has taken place in face-to-face scenarios. For instance, when completing a project or holding a meeting within an office environment. Nowadays, it’s just as common to find team members working together whilst dispersed across various locations, even countries.

And we can thank the Internet for that. Because, by combining the flexibility of remote work with the accessibility of the Internet, employees working from all over the world are now able to work together as if they’re in the same office — perhaps even with additional benefits, as opposed to being confined to working within the traditional office environment.

By telecommuting, 83% of employees said that their ability to communicate and collaborate with co-workers was the same as, if not better than, it was when working on-site. (Help Scout)

And so in recent years, software solutions (such as client portals) have been specifically designed and developed in order to improve the way in which businesses and teams collaborate through the use of the Internet. From basic, to intermediate, to complex - the solutions that are available vary widely, with different features and functionalities to suit individual needs. However, the end goal can be the same: to make virtual teamwork easier and more engaging. 

Client portal software, such as Clinked, is an example of an online-based solution that can improve virtual teamwork. Due to the rich and varied features and high-security capabilities that are on offer for its users, client portals are popular with businesses looking to create a more efficient environment from within an all-rounder solution.

Below are some of the key features of a client portal, and how they can improve virtual teamwork for businesses and teams.

#1 Document Editing

From file versioning and annotations, to approvals and permissions; a feature-rich document editor will allow team members to easily finalise files and ensure a timely delivery. The ability to update documents from within your client portal software will reduce the need of e-mailing your files back and forth (which is also a way less secure way of sharing files).


#2 Team Calendar

A team calendar will allow everyone to be aware of any important up-coming events and deadlines, including recurring events such as weekly or monthly meetings. Organisation plays an important part to ensuring that day-to-day business processes run smoothly, and so a team calendar will encourage that.


#3 Group Chat

Perhaps a more effective, secure and timesaving alternative to e-mail is a group chat feature. Employees can have conversations with each other – and their clients – easily and immediately, from within their client portal software. Users can have real-time conversations, and constantly remain connected; wherever they’re based.


#4 Task Management

Employees and clients can be constantly kept up-to-date, tasks can be prioritised and deadlines can be monitored. A task management feature will help to motivate your virtual team as they set their goals to be met within a specified time frame – whether that means preparing to submit a VAT return, reviewing a proposed business plan, or designing a new logo.


#5 Activity Dashboard

An Activity Dashboard can provide you with an overview of everything that’s going on within your business; from files and folders that have been uploaded, to conversations that are taking place on the documents that you're following. This way, you can have constant updates on the progress of each individual; including those who are working in different time zones to you.


So, if you’re interested in finding out more about the different features of a client portal, then you can have a look around Clinked’s website; and if you think Clinked could be the right client portal software for your business, book a demo:

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