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Why is Cloud Collaboration software better than email?

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Using email is a fundamental part of business culture. Just like the mail, we’ve been using it for years, so it’s become ingrained in our day to day working lives. One of the main benefits of email is that it is simple to use and easy enough for employees, or clients, of all ages and technical abilities to understand.

However, could email actually be holding us back from adopting more efficient ways to communicate? Now more and more businesses are exploring different tools for communication and collaboration, such as a client portal, so what are its benefits and why is it better than email?

Email uses a "one-to-many" approach, but this obstructs maximum productivity and collaboration. When numerous people are working together, making edits on a document, it quickly becomes disorganized and difficult to locate the latest version.

Whereas when using a collaboration software that makes use of the “many-to-many” approach, functionalities such as version control make it easy to keep track of everyone's edits. With a full audit of who has edited the document and when, as well as the ability to download each amended version of the file, collaborating on documents becomes a seamless process.

Encourage social interactions

As creatures of habit, the main reason we still use email so vastly is for an easy method of communication. Cloud Collaboration provides more value by offering different forms of interaction, such as comments and reactions, instant messaging, threaded discussions, and email notifications. These functionalities help to build better relationships between colleagues in the workplace, particularly for teams that are working remotely. In a society where almost everyone uses some form of social media in their everyday lives, it makes sense to also shift your work culture to encourage more online social interaction. Engaging staff and clients alike in a more modern way is also associated with more forward-thinking companies, which earns kudos and inspires creativity and collaboration amongst teams.

Save time

On average it takes 2.5 days* for people to reply to their emails, when considering the number of back-and-forth conversations that are required for most projects, this will immensely slow down rollout times. Significantly reducing the efficiency and momentum of your business operations. This can easily be avoided by utilising a more instant way of working, with group chat features and @ mentions, it’s ensured that you can update staff and colleagues in real time and keep everybody in the loop on projects.

Companies that are small to medium often have plans for growth, using a tool that enhances the personal touch and attention to detail shows forward thinking, ambition, and vision in terms of internal and external communication. Not only enhancing your brand but also helping gain credibility.

Upload files

Most email providers have a 25mb upload limit. In many of today's businesses, which are moving more and more towards digital file sharing as opposed to paper, this simply won't suffice. It's always a hassle to use an external uploading service and it still risks getting lost amongst the rest of the junk. With collaboration tools, you can upload documents of any size, directly to the software in a location that is accessible to whoever you want, yet still easy to protect from others with advanced permissioning. As well as keeping everyone's comments and annotations stored neatly with the file.

Keep track

It's so easy for your emails to build up and become overwhelming to manage. How are you able to keep track of important emails when your inbox is being bombarded by a barrage of irrelevant information? Collaboration tools offer a 'walled-garden' environment where you can communicate with your staff, partners and clients only, eliminating the clutter of your inbox. Using collaboration software sets you up for streamlined communication between all stakeholders. In turn, this will lead to an overall happier team and clients, with a more productive way of working.

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This article has been updated in October 2021.

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