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Email - Dead or Evolving?

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From inbox zero to enforced breaks, policies and suggestions around the management of emails are numerous. The direct public offering last week of Slack, a workplace collaboration software, and release of competitive products such as Microsoft Teams may indicate that such tools could replace internal company emails completely.

“Companies are realizing how unproductive email really is and have moved to a completely no-email system or severely reduced email. They’ve set up effective systems to take care of customer inquiries and use other communications tools like Slack within their office. Companies like Jet and Lush have dramatically cut email usage internally.”  - Stephanie Burns, ForbesWomen’s contributor & CEO of Chic 


BBC shared in June “While many people rave about such services [such as Slack & Teams], they don't appear to be a complete replacement for email. It is still the best way to communicate with people outside your organisation.” 

While external communication may still be widely completed via email, it’s not necessarily the best way. Regulations such as GDPR in Europe and HIPAA in the United States, require vigilant and secure processes in place to protect both external parties contact details and individual identifiable sensitive data that can often be transmitted via email. Implementing easy to manage processes for end users however balanced with secure data management and encryption systems are increasing challenges facing organisations, particularly for those spread across geographies and with limited IT capabilities.


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At Clinked.com these challenges are what we eagerly strive to address. We focus on where client knowledge lives - the intersect between external facing client portals and internal intelligence on client accounts paired with security, mobility, and collaboration. Our tool enables an all-in-one client knowledge platform for internal teams to provide enhanced delivery and elevated service offerings to clients through real time, secure collaboration. Also, it provides senior leadership, from CXO to client success managers, the ability to view and interact across a client portfolio in a single platform to gauge engagement, manage announcements or request client surveys, and incorporate data tools such as Google Analytics.  

Our client base exemplifies how this is changing their client engagement and internal client knowledge processes. The diversity of our client base across geographies and industries provide proof of the need to evolve to meet the changing expectations of teams and clients. As an example:

Trillium Mutual Insurance Company is a leading insurance companies in Ontario, Canada specialising in agricultural business insurance. With a unique client base, Trillium Mutual uses Clinked to engage easily with their team and external brokers, particularly when they are accessing policies for agricultural clients in rural locations. The strong collaboration features and offline capability of Clinked makes it possible for brokers to access the important documents in a at the ready, secure tool in any kind of condition or geography. To get a deeper understanding, listen to the team share how Clinked plays a huge role managing their team and external client engagement

Want to experience how Clinked.com can help your organisation? Try a 10 day free trial for a hands-on experience or book a demo with one of our product specialists today. 

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