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New Feature Release: Mobile App Widgets
By Olivia
on September 29, 2020

Yes, you heard it correct - we have another great new feature release! We are pleased to announce group home widgets are now available in the Clinked app - both iOS and Android - to provide a similar experience across browser and mobile. Make your work day easier and save time by accessing key...

New Feature: Mobile Uploads & Videos
Clinked Team
By Clinked Team
on April 16, 2020

Our mobile app keeps getting better - we're happy to announce that our mobile application has been improved to meet the global needs for remote working. All users will now find they are able to upload multiple files at once, upload large video files & access files offline on the go!  

How to Communicate in Times of Crisis
Clinked Team
By Clinked Team
on April 15, 2020

Communication is paramount for all organisations- particularly during times of crisis this becomes most evident. In crisis people are so keen to absorb and listen to useful information that might help alleviate stress or navigate through the uncertainty. As an organisation, communicating with...

New Feature: Mobile Messages
Clinked Team
By Clinked Team
on March 18, 2020

Our mobile app just got even better - we're happy to announce a new Messages Area to organise all your 1-1 and group chat in one easy to access spot while you're away from your desk!  

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