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Moving away from paper: What are online documents?
As we move towards a completely paper-free office, storing your documents online is now the easiest and most...
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How to send large files with cloud software
If you’ve ever had to send a file to someone; whether that’s a team member, business partner or client;...
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Using Clinked to communicate with clients
Whilst it’s natural to want to focus on regularly bringing in new clients, you should remember that it’s just...
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What is a document management system?
Making the transition from paper to digital is a crucial step for businesses; especially if you want to keep...
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Clinked has launched its new native mobile app for iOS!
It's been a few months since the release of our native Android mobile app, and now the Clinked team...
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Clinked has launched its new mobile app for Android!
Available for Clinked customers to download, it’s the most complete native collaboration app for Android.  
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Clinked Introduces Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), Why Should You Care?
Two-Factor authentication (2FA) is a security feature that, until recently, you could mostly see in critical...
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Two New Security Features From Clinked
Clinked is pleased to announce that two new security features have been released this month: Automatic...
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Calling all Clinked users... Here are some new features!
Are you a Clinked user? Then we’ve got some improved features to announce to you!  We’ve recently released two...
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Clinked Feature: Create Recurring Events
This month, Clinked has released another feature for our customers: Recurring Events. As the name suggests,...
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FAQs: Is Clinked Right For My Business?
We receive a number of questions daily about all aspects of Clinked. This blog post aims to provide a...
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Clinked Introduces Password Protected Shares Feature For Guests
Here at Clinked, we are constantly working to improve our client portal software and heighten our...

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Most important recent developments in the accounting industry
Over the last year, accounting businesses worldwide saw a continued shift towards digitalization and...
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Clinked in your community
Following the commercial release of Clinked at the beginning of December 2011, we have worked hard to bring...
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Cloud-covered collaboration or nebular nonsense?
These days, it seems as if everything in the business arena is about trying to get more for less. In an age...

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