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Clinked Quarterly: New Features & Webinars Q1'21

News and Announcements

Can you believe it’s already April?! As we wonder where time has gone again, our team stops and reflects on what this year has brought us so far. We started 2021 strong, more determined than ever to make Clinked grow with you. We’ve started a new webinar series for group onboarding and refreshers, added more integrations with your favourite softwares and made some pretty serious performance improvements along the way. Definitely work to be proud off! So, without further ado, let’s dig into that quarterly review together. 


Creating memorable digital client experiences


Throughout the past year, we’ve all been focusing on digital client experiences. We’ve delved into what a digital client experience means, the ways in which it can add value to your business, plus how Clinked and its client portal can help you achieve just that. In the past 3 months, we’ve released a bunch of great content to help you in your journey: 


So, if building a digital client experience is a priority for your team, make sure to reach out so we can help you design it together


1 year in: our team’s learning from the pandemic

What’s replaced our commute time_

Last March, little did we know that our team - like many other businesses - would still be working from home a year later. Do you want to have a sneak peak at all the insights we learnt from surveying our team and what we have been up to recently? Check out our blog article! 


Introducing new Zoom-inars for our growing customers base


Following feedback from all of you, our clients team now delivers a new zoominar every other week. How to build a winning digital client experience, top feature releases, product deep dive… Topics are varied and our webinars have been received very positively. If you’ve missed them or just can’t get enough - below is the list of all webinars we delivered so far this year: 


Remember, all webinars are available for replay on our Youtube channel. Make sure to subscribe too so you never miss a video! 


2 steps forward: top feature releases of the quarter


Docusign integration 

YES, that’s true, you can now link your Docusign account to Clinked to make eSignatures on documents within your portal groups even easier! 


As one of the most popular demands from our clients, this integration is ideal for remote working. If your stakeholders can’t always come to the office, or if you simply believe in the power of digital this new integration will be great for you! Clients or internal team members can sign from anywhere - even on their mobile - to help you stay connected and keep your workflow moving. Check, next! ✅


Temporary members

community-4536852_1920In life, some people are here to stay - others aren’t. With our new temporary member feature, you can now give limited time access to any user - perhaps an hour, 3 days or a week? You choose! 

If that sounds of interest, you can read the full article here - including how to set up these temporary members! 


Other noticeable improvements & feature releases 

That’s not all! We also made a number of improvements and tweaks to our platform to improve security, control and speed, which include: 

  • Advanced permissions to the lite package
  • Copying task categories from within the same group
  • Advanced filtering options for tasks
  • New permissions at the folder level
  • Possibility to hide a member’s profile
  • New GIF format now supported for profile pictures
  • Page load improvements


What was your favourite feature release of this first quarter? As we continue to improve Clinked and make it better fit your specific use case, remember to follow us on social media including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to receive exclusive and early bird product updates and knowledge shares! Want to debrief with the team about how to best utilise Clinked? Schedule a call with a member of our client success team! 

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