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The last quarter certainly kept our Clinked team busy. From working with clients to presenting new features, we've been working hard to make Clinked the best portal for our growing client bases. And, we're here to share the top news with you.

Read on to learn about our latest feature releases, explore knowledge shares and topics covered in our product webinar series all focused on delivering more to our clients and their group members. Enjoy!

First off, building a community and a productive remote working environment have been core themes in our client conversations. And, we've been exploring both topics within Clinked to help meet these needs. Learn how here: 

Building Communities

"People are craving community now more than ever. For businesses, this means that community is critical to success. However, forming a community requires much more than simply gathering people together in the same place or accumulating a certain number of users on an app or site."


At Clinked, we focus on building human relationships. Our software is used by thousands of people every day to drive interactions of people - clients, partners, teams - across industries and geographies to work better together. In working with our clients, new and old, we realised how powerful of an impact our technology has - specifically when sharing knowledge in a secure way to enhance collaboration.

Explore how to create a community, whether this be through technology or attributes of the organisation. As well as taking a look at how one of our own clients has used Clinked to create a sense of community. Learn from our Clinked team's research here. 


Boost Unity When Working Remote

Like many of you, we miss the fun of working in person with teammates and the buzz of the office. However, working remotely will be a continual norm for us in the UK - as for many of you reading this globally - and we've been collecting how we boost unity across our team as well as how are clients are facing this challenging time with their companies too. 

Isometric Teamwork Illustration (1)

We hope our tips can provide ideas on how to increase unity across your business when working remotely - from instant messaging and video conferencing to the water cooler!

"Host a virtual happy hour or virtual lunch break, something that is agenda free and meant purely for socializing. It’s also a great opportunity to introduce your children or pets — something you rarely have the chance to do in an office setting."

So what can we do to keep morale high and ensure we are encouraging unity within the work day? Check it out for yourself here.


Clinked Product Zoom-inars

Over the past months, we've been asking our Clinked clients how we can help meet their needs. One key request was an ask for us to share more knowledge from our team around use cases of Clinked & 101 style webinars on features of the product. This brought for our now monthly Clinked Zoom-inar sessions. Since the launch in April, we've hosted sessions on the following topics to our global client base. Here are the topics and links to watch them for yourself:

  1. How to: Clinked & Zapier
  2. Clinked 101: A Tour
  3. Clinked 101: Discussions 
  4. Clinked 101: Files 
  5. Clinked Notifications: A Deep Dive 

Learn more about these features & use cases on our YouTube channel here

Clinked New Feature Releases

Our clients are a key community to better improve the functionality in Clinked. Every quarter, we review requests submitted to our public feature request board to integrate these ideas into our roadmap. Here are the latest requests that made it into the product!

Explore the latest in our recent product webinar and read about two key releases below: 

Q3.20 Feature Requests

New Feature: Subgroups

To make it easier to manage your groups, Clinked have added an amazing new feature - Subgroups! This has been popular ask on our feature request board and we're excited to deliver on it. Subgroups are simple to set up and use as a great edition to your client portal.

Subgroups create an easy way to quickly replicate the same content across a set of groups. A main group will host the various content types, such as files or events, that are replicated down to the associated subgroups in real-time. This provides a way to efficiently manage content across groups to keep your content management streamlined

Learn more here in our full feature announcement.  

New Feature: Mobile App Widgets

In Clinked, group home pages can be customised to allow administrators to make key content - files, notes, tasks, etc. - available to group members immediately. This is possible for administrators to design how members interact best in the portal to bring value and deliver more together using customised widgets. This new feature brings the ability for these widgets to be available in our mobile applications on both iOS and Android

Learn more here in our full feature announcement.  


Hope you found our Clinked Quarterly helpful from ideas shared to new features bringing value across our client base! 

Our team are keen to support our clients in their use of Clinked in existing or new ways. We are here to offer our helping hands to any clients or organisation that may benefit from our product during these tough times. 

If you would like to discuss anything shared here, please reach out: 

Yes, I want to chat! 


We're looking forward to talking with you. 


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