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Hello World, how are you holding up out there? From country wide lockdowns to work from home adjustments, the perspective of "normal" has changed dramatically for organisations due to the impact of COVID-19. Recognising moments of gratitude for being healthy, adjust working styles, and helping others has taken a new meaning and opportunities to reflect. 

At Clinked, we are grateful for our clients and their continual engagement to share how our flexible software product has helped them adjust their businesses during this uncertain time. We're taking the steps we can to deliver more, including a new webinar series kicking off this week! 

It's in that theme that we take a moment to reflect - we've chosen to highlight 5 top features & knowledge shares from the past quarter that can help give ideas of things to try as we all move forward together. Hope they help! 


Remote Working 101

work location fluid

Now a need for many businesses globally - remote working has become a must as social distancing and lockdowns are enforced in countries due to the pandemic underway. This has forced some businesses to address work from home enabling technologies, such as Clinked, for the first time. Luckily for our own team and our clients, Clinked is a technology platform that enables us to quickly adapt to working remote & support others.

We have received an increasing volume of inquiries about our cloud-based SaaS product from clients and prospective organisations to work better with teams and clients. Clinked is being recognised as an essential solution for organisations to help deliver consistently with clients and manage the team effectively while working remote. It can be used in tandem with your existing software to work on documents and projects in one place.

Given the overwhelming need for guidance on remote working, our team put together a guide to advise those considering new technology, setting up new processes, and just trying to figure out how to get along in this "new normal" we're facing.

Read our full knowledge share here 


How I adjusted to remote work! Confessions of a new hire

Screenshot 2020-03-31 at 12.10.18

Can you imagine starting a new role at the beginning of March 2020?

It's the position our newest team member, Hannah found herself in and she's here to share her experiences with you. Explore how she adapts to working remotely with us at Clinked as we shifted our routines like daily stand-ups and started new team practices such as team challenges and water cooler chats. All made possible with technology and her grit to carry on!

Read Hannah's story here


 What is a Client Journey? 

Understanding your client's experience is more important than ever. At Clinked, we like to focus on the concept of a client journey, particularly how to delight clients with tech-savvy delivery and engagement. We've put together an in-depth report on how to help your clients by visiting how a client journey can not just attract new clients, but keep those you have. 

Sharing the love-1Spark Notes (Cliff Notes) Highlights: Providing consistent customer service and support allows clients to reach their desired outcome with your business and, in turn, allows your team to build a strong relationship to lean on, particularly in uncertain times. When clients are delighted by your way of working, they will admire your business overall and will stay in the long run. 

Read our full knowledge share here 

New Feature: Mobile Messaging On The Go

Currently, lots of businesses are using consumer messaging applications to communicate with clients. While these are great tools, they are unsecure and compromise your clients or teams based on the content being shared on these channels. 

Mobile Messages - area

Clinked has introduced a new messages area feature on our mobile app (available on iOS & Play store) that comes with all subscriptions. Now all users can chat using 1-1 & groups chat at the swipe of a thumb in one place.

What differs between Clinked & consumer messaging apps?

In Clinked, you can chat with your clients in a secure and confidential environment that is mobile, permission based and auditable. The new messages area feature looks professional and helps you connect easily when remote

Learn more here in our full feature announcement.  

New Feature: Customisable Widgets & Dashboards

Speaking on client journey - how would you like to configure the experience of clients and teams in customisable dashboards?

Thanks to the introduction of configurable activity dashboards, users are able to quickly see a summary of activity across their various groups in the dashboard once logged in. Now you can customise the setup of each group's home page to meet that client or group's needs. Whether you want to show folds, tasks or an event calendar you now can thanks to an expanded set of widgets to display specific content to the group.

Widgets can be displayed on the group dashboards page for easy access. These new widgets can be tailored to specific client needs to display a note, task category set,  discussion board and folder based upon the needs of each group.

Explore here how to configure your group dashboards and use the expanded setup of widgets


Hope you found our reflection on these recent knowledge shares and features releases helpful as you move forward. 

We are confident that the flexibility of Clinked can aid the transition to remote work and better supporting clients. Our team are keen to support our clients in their use of Clinked in existing or new ways. We are here to offer our helping hands to any clients or organisation that may benefit from our product during these tough times. 

If you would like to discuss anything shared here, please reach out: 

Yes, I want to chat! 


We're looking forward to talking with you. 


P.S. Do you work on a COVID-19 specific initiative? Clinked wants to help.

We're committing $250,000 in free software to those initiatives addressing this global challenge and the impact they bring to communities near and far from our physical home in Cambridge, UK. If your organisation is working on a COVID-19 specific medical response programme, medical research initiative, or community facing initiative we want to offer Clinked for 12-months free.

Learn more about our offer here. 

Covid-19 Offer Long-1

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