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It's been a shaky few months, but that hasn't slowed us down here at Clinked from carrying on full steam ahead for our clients!

From New Feature Releases and client webinars to sharing the amazing efforts of our clients, it's been a busy quarter and we're here to share the top news with you. Read on to learn about our latest feature releases, top knowledge shares and client stories of community initiatives that deliver knowledge and support. Enjoy!

First off, we want to say thank you to all the key workers for their efforts these past months. 

International Nurses Day

"What we do now is more important than ever."  With beautiful sunny days & lock-down rules lifting here in the UK, we at Clinked are incredibly thankful for the efforts key workers have been taking throughout lock down to get us to this point. As we move into the warmer months in the Northern Hemisphere, we're more grateful for the ability to be outdoors to see friends and family in socially distanced ways and doing our best to reduce the continual impact of COVID-19.

We continue to recognise moments of gratitude for being healthy, able to work remotely to continue delivering to our clients and support client organisations delivering more to across their communities.


Clinked Client Stories: California Academy of Family Physicians


One group of key workers at doctors.

We had the pleasure before COVID-19 to meet in person with our clients, California Academy of Family Physicians ("CAFP"), to discuss how they are using Clinked to educate the next generation of physicians in training in California - many who are coming online quicker than expected due to the emergency circumstances.

In 2019, CAFP started a program called California Primary Care Residency Program Collaborative - a year-long program with 30 residency training programs across California addressing education around substance misuse disorders, opioid use disorders, and medication assistance training and treatments. The geographic spread and professional commitments of the participants was a key identified challenge before the program started, as they wanted to nurture and build a community for the physicians-in-training to use going forward to meet this deepening health crisis.

Listen to CAFP share their Clinked Client Story here.


Clinked Client Zoom-inars

Over the past months, we've been asking our Clinked clients how we can help meet their needs. One key request was an ask for us to share more knowledge from our team around use cases of Clinked & 101 style webinars on features of the product. This brought for our now monthly Clinked Zoom-inar sessions. Since the launch in April, we've hosted session on the following sessions to our global client base:

  1. Managing Members
  2. The Power of Tasks
  3. How to use Dashboards & Data Visualisations
  4. Managing Permissions 

Learn more about these features & use cases on our YouTube channel here

Clinked New Feature Releases

Our team has also been reviewing asks from our clients to better improve the functionality in Clinked. Over the quarter, we release several new features thanks to their feedback and are here to share a few of them. 


New Feature: Copying Tasks Between Groups

Group Tasks-1

We're happy to announce that you can now copy 1 task, multiple tasks or a full task category from one group to another. All Group Administrators and Content Contributors of Clinked groups will now find they are able to copy tasks from one group to another - making workflow easier when needing to do the same tasks with different groups!

Thanks to the feedback from Clinked users (and our team) we've added this new feature to add an extra layer of flexibility in workflow for those managing or adding content to multiple groups. With these new options, we hope you'll be able to quickly copy best practice task or task categories from one group into another to help work better with your clients and partners.

Learn more here in our full feature announcement.  

New Feature: Adding Connected Members

Our secure client portal continues to get better -  Group Administrator capabilities has just become more secure. All Group Administrators of Clinked groups will now find they are able to add members they are connected with from other groups providing an added layer of privacy in accounts!

Budex_Willowbend_Investments - add people fromClinked users feedback resulted in this new feature to add an extra layer of security to limit Group Administrators from seeing account members they are not already connected with in another group. These Group Administrators continue to be able to add new members using email invitations and, if that invited member is already a member of another group in your Clinked account, they will be simply added to the Member list. This new feature enhances the data protection rights of members, because it restricts the Group Administrator the ability to see the full list of all members in the Clinked account when adding new members, which was shown previously.

Learn more here in our full feature announcement.  


New Feature: Mobile Uploads & Videos

Clinked Mobile Uploads 2-1Our mobile app keeps getting better - we're happy to announce that our mobile application has been improved to meet the global needs for remote working. All users will now find they are able to upload multiple files at once, upload large video files & access files offline on the go!

Thanks for the feedback from Clinked users (and our team) we've updated our mobile application with 3 new functionalities:

- Multiple files upload
- Large video upload
- Access files offline

With the move in the past month to remote working locations, we see the importance of enhancing the functionality of our mobile application (BTW - did you know it's available to all Clinked users on iOS & Play stores now?!) to increase a user's ability to securely upload & share files with clients - that's where our secure Clinked app comes in!

Learn more here in our full feature announcement.  


Hope you found our reflection on these recent client stories, features releases and webinars are helpful

Our team are keen to support our clients in their use of Clinked in existing or new ways. We are here to offer our helping hands to any clients or organisation that may benefit from our product during these tough times. 

If you would like to discuss anything shared here, please reach out: 

Yes, I want to chat! 


We're looking forward to talking with you. 


P.S. Do you work on a Community-facing initiative addressing inequalities? Clinked wants to help.

When the pandemic hit globally we offered Clinked for 12-months free to all COVID-19 initiatives for specific medical response programmes, medical research initiatives, or community facing initiatives - in June, we decided to extend this offer to community initiatives that organising people to address equality by challenging beliefs, sharing knowledge and driving change locally as well as globally. 

If your organisation works on community-facing initiatives addressing equality, please reach out to us via email at team@clinked.com to promptly arrange a conversation and discuss the organisation's initiatives. Qualified efforts will be set up immediately.

Learn more about our offer here. 

Community Initatives-2


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