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Collaboration software: four big mistakes businesses make
Nowadays, all the eyes seem to be on the collaboration software tool. Email revolutionised virtual...
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Social Collaboration in the workplace
Social Collaboration in the workplace refers to "processes that help multiple people interact and share...
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The Sharepoint Trap
Microsoft. The Leviathan of Computing. A household name across 6 continents whose hegemony has until recently...
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5 Mistakes Project Managers Can Make
There are at least 5 mistakes Project Managers can make, do you recognise any in you or your colleagues? The...
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What to look for when choosing Project Management Software
‘At its most fundamental, project management is about people getting things done,’ Dr Martin Barnes, APM...
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Working Remotely With Clinked
According to an article in The Guardian “a survey of business owners by Virgin Media Business recently...
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Business Talk: What does it really mean?
In business, we spend a lot of time being fobbed off with excuses , that we actually believe are lies, and...
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Leading Change Management
In order to improve your business, change management has to be at the core of your strategy. In a business...
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Top 10 Online Tools For Your Business
It's important for businesses, especially small ones, to take advantage of as many online tools as possible....
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The Importance of Business Branding
Branding can be the quickest and easiest way to explain your business’s product or service. It’s also a...
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The Top Six Business Social Media Fails
Social Media can be great, but some businesses just don't understand the power of it, mainly when used in the...

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Press release: Rabbitsoft is now a certified Google Apps reseller
Rabbitsoft, the company behind Clinked, has been designated as an official google Apps Reseller. This follows...
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A Clinked Christmas
Award-winning project management and collaboration software, Clinked, has already sealed a coveted place in...
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Announcing Clinked Public Beta
Out in the wild! Clinked brings together your group’s content, collaboration and conversation in a shared...
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