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A Clinked Christmas
By greg
on April 19, 2017

Award-winning project management and collaboration software, Clinked, has already sealed a coveted place in the Red Herring 100 thanks to its innovative and user-friendly offering. On the cusp of its commercial release, Clinked's value proposition is one articulated in terms of usability,...

What is Clinked and what's a Wiki?
By Natasha
on April 19, 2017

Clinked is a wiki-based collaboration software which allows people working together to interact and share files wherever they are. It allows users to share the latest versions of whatever document they are working on effortlessly, and keeps all the group members up to date regarding the...

If Lord of the Rings Used Collaboration Software
By admin
on April 19, 2017

I love a trilogy of epic high-fantasy films as much as the next person, but last time I was sitting through an eleven-hour marathon of the special edition of LOTR, I got thinking. What if Frodo et al. had used Clinked? Their endeavours would have been so much easier. They would have cut time and...

How Online Collaboration is Changing Business
By greg
on April 19, 2017

Back in 1968 the futurist and urbanist Melvin Webber argued that the world was entering a "Post-City Age", where, thanks to advances in transport and communications, people could locate or work from anywhere: remote rural locations; even mountaintops. Webber was wrong: not only has the internet...

The Birth of Collaboration Tools
By bilsel
on September 27, 2016

Not long ago, businesses and organizations were facing tough challenges in inter-company and intra-company communications due to the complexity and tremendous cost of information sharing. Going back to the 1970s, the construction of experimental networks such as ARPANET brought the idea of...

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