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Best practices to ensure an effective knowledge repository for clients
We’ve come a long way since postal letters, fax machines and telephones. Now that we’re living in a world...
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Five Industries That Can (And Already Do) Benefit From Cloud Software
According to the 2017 State Of The Cloud Survey from RightScale, businesses are making the leap to the...
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5 Clinked Features To Take Your Business To The Next Level
When your average day at work involves meetings, managing and liaising with employees and clients, more...
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Stepping into the Cloud... Fact vs. Fiction of using Cloud Computing for business [Infographic]
Cloud computing allows for businesses to store, share and access data from across the Internet, within a...
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Why Should You Implement A Cloud Solution In 2017
It’s 2017, and whilst many businesses have already made the move; there are still some organisations that...
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(Infographic) Enterprise Data Security In The Cloud
In recent years, cloud software adoption rates have been skyrocketing. Despite the multitude of benefits...
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Infographic: The Top 5 Use Cases For Client Portals
So you want to see how client portals work realistically for businesses day-to-day? ...
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The Importance Of Branded File Sharing Software
Integrating branded file sharing software could not only give your business a competitive edge, it can make...
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Enterprise Collaboration Software In The Cloud
It’s 2016, meaning that cloud collaboration software is nothing new for enterprises. From the likes of Slack...
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Business File Sharing With Clinked
Business file sharing in the cloud is quickly becoming the norm for teams needing a quick, efficient method...
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Why White Label Software Could Be Your Solution
With the percentage of businesses in the UK whom have adopted use of the cloud sky-rocketing by 75% since...
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What To Look For When Choosing A Customer Portal
At first glance, trying to find a suitable customer portal for your business may seem like a daunting...

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Press release: Rabbitsoft is now a certified Google Apps reseller
Rabbitsoft, the company behind Clinked, has been designated as an official google Apps Reseller. This follows...
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A Clinked Christmas
Award-winning project management and collaboration software, Clinked, has already sealed a coveted place in...
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Announcing Clinked Public Beta
Out in the wild! Clinked brings together your group’s content, collaboration and conversation in a shared...
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